Extraordinary Experiences: Imbalance to Integration

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

An Extraordinary Experience can throw you way out of balance but, also has the potential to expand and deepen your experience of life depending on how well you can integrate it.

Integration requires wisdom, temperance, reflection, relationship, & grounded presence balanced through body, mind, heart, & spirit, so the Experience can blossom into inner clarity in a meaningful & grounded way.

Extraordinary means Beyond the Ordinary.

Each person’s sense of what is ordinary can be different but, when Extra-Ordinary events occur in our lives, it can sometimes feel like life has been “turned on it’s head”; as though life doesn’t make sense in the same way we once knew.

There is often a strong desire to make changes and live life differently based on new realizations, or a thirst to see, hear, feel, learn, and experience more of life in this Extraordinary way - Or sometimes it’s the opposite, depending on the nature of the experience.

Extraordinary Experiences can come with intense emotions; anything from Ecstatic Joy to deep Grief, to Rage, to overwhelming Compassion… or all of the above and much more.

An Extraordinary experience can be precipitated by an unusual or dramatic turn of events or it can come through a shift in perception, illuminating aspects of life that were once hidden from


The possible catalysts are many.

Extraordinary Experiences can have an Awakening effect yet, if not integrated with wisdom

through all aspects of ourselves & our lives, the impacts of the experience can become confusing and painful. For some, it can feel as though your inner compass is spinning.

If you’re struggling with integrating an Extraordinary Experience, we at LoveAlive Transformative Arts & Therapy can help.

We’ve been blessed with our fair share of the extraordinary:)

We understand that every person’s experience is unique and we can support you through this moment of awakening so that you can receive the gifts, grow, and thrive.

We offer Counselling, Coaching, & Support Circles where you can find understanding, connection, and an experienced guide to help you work through integrating your Extraordinary Experiences to a place of inner clarity, clear navigation from within, and connection in your life & relationships.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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