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Vince Wishart

Vince Wishart RTC, NLP

Co-Creator & Transformational Facilitator of
LoveAlive Transformative Arts & Therapy

Advanced NLP/Life/Recovery Coach

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor #2940

Now, in my 52th rotation around the Sun, I stand in front of this canvas contemplating the best way to color my life in the highest service to the highest good of all.  Who am I as a Transformative Artist? A Father of 3, a grandfather of 2, How do I best serve my Family?
How can I live a life that will have my ancestors proud of me and my accomplishments?  How am I seeing the gifts in all situations, allowing gratitude to spill into the deepest parts of me?  How do I guide others to these realizations for themselves?

How did I get here?

I was raised in a religious cult that utilized condemnation, shaming and humiliation to control their congregation.  I spent a lot of my childhood and teens in an excommunicated place of shame which later turned into self-loathing leading to addiction – a cry for connection. I utilized art as a way to create fantasy realms of escape from the pains of my childhood traumas and abuses suffered during my formative years.  After a couple of decades & diligent healing of my inside world, I feel blessed that I now have so much to offer others.  I feel great compassion today for the suffering and I love to assist others find the path through to healing these types of things for themselves.

I see my experiences as great wealth

My unique gifts to this type of path are;  A dreamer:  “No vision no development” we get what we want in life by holding a strong vision for ourselves.  As a coach, I focus the most on vision.

I have traveled through the inside journey to remember who I am at the core of being.  Love.  I am love.  I am able to see my hardships as growth experiences that have enabled me to step into my own personal healing, leading me to be a highly compassionate person, One who is able to see into the pain of others caused by their belief systems.  I'm especially understanding and compassionate for those who've gone through addictions.  

I'm am now, highly intuitive, and offer exercises (with discernment) and processes for for deeper integration.  I offer processes that go beyond just talking about the problem.  I have a deep belief in people's unique abilities and capacity for their own healing.  I am a gratitudal maniac who has the ability to see the gifts in most situations. (I still am doing my own work) and can laugh at myself today (most of the time).

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I have been and inspired/coached by Great People such as:

Joe Dispensa, David Hawkins, Gabor Mate', Peter Levin, Anthony Robbins, Jamie Sams, Blackwolf Jones, Marshall Rosenberg, Irvine Yalom, Dr Micheal Smith, Kelly Tobey of Startree Integration Adventures, Neil and Tina Thrussel from Shin Dao Institute, Niurka from Niurka I Am. To name a few.


My work is heavily influenced by First Nations ceremonial way of Life. I have incorporated these and many other healing teachings into my practices.

Revelations Years

15 years ago, I hit a bottom sufficient to myself that lead me to create massive change in my life.  I surrendered and devoted myself to recovery and personal development.

Then, after losing myself in relationships that were co-dependant and suffering great egoic loss in their demise, I realized that the common denominator in the wake of the destruction was me.  I sought answers with diligence.  Along the way, the healing modalities that worked well for me were ones that I studied and became certified in such as: NLP, Time Line Therapy, SIIA, Trans-personal Psychology Counseling, and many natural and spiritual medicine ways of the First nations of North America as I walk the Chancaluta (First Nations Spiritual Path of Turtle Island). I am blessed to be facilitating talking circles, and Wellbriety step groups and sharing the gifts of my experience this way.


A strong focus on rapport and effective communication is at the root of my studies.

“Behind every action is a positive intention” Niurka


Servitude and Altruism

A special universal magic phenomena occurs when I take my eyes off of my own challenges and help others with theirs, mine seem to magically disappear at least lighten substantially.  So I have immersed myself into service, while striving to take time for self care.

Where the path called me to

Along the way I became a fine artist for 30 plus years, well versed in sculpture, fine art painting, murals,  and well known now as a sacred and ceremonial tattoo artist and have taken awards in some of these mediums.  In the arts I find the stillness.  The inner guidance to step out and be altruistic.

I have worked as an addictions counselor, I was a founding member of Dream talks,  I've facilitate Well-briety men's groups for the past 6 years, where we approach the 12 steps in a ceremonial fashion based off of the medicine wheel. 

I have written a book entitled Hi my Name is Vince, and I am a Recovered JW and That is the 

Truth.  I have facilitated Healing from Religious Oppression Talking Circles.  I have helped First Nations Elders through their residential school traumas as a counsellor.

I facilitate Men's Peaceful Warrior Circles

I have co-facilitated sell-out audiences with our Sacred Languages workshops. Developed curriculum and taught workshops on many topics of recovery. I have been honoured to be an acting Executive Director for a First Nations Men's traditional and cultural recovery center.  I have sat as Vice President on the board for a charitable organization that focused on helping people who fall through the cracks of support in the system. 


I have a heart for helping the people transform old beliefs that no longer serve them. My beloved Rebecca and I created a business called LoveMedicine which has been such an epic honor to serve alongside her.  I am deeply involved with First nations ceremonies,  I Love to sing. 

I am one who dances his prayers in ecstatic ways.


The culmination of realizations

“There are 2 things: Love & a cry for Love, and it is all Love.” ACIM

Now we have grown our ideas of how to effectively help a wider audience with our teachings in this new business called LoveAlive which incorporates all of our combined passions for healing, teaching, experiential exercises, the arts as forms of expression, as well as dance as movement to move the energies through the body.  My favourite parts of LoveAlive are: Transformative Arts, Effective Communication, Transformation, and Relational Skills.  Now I get to teach it?  What a gift.

“I stand at the altar of love in sweet surrender” Ananda and Lakshmi

and ask:

“In the realm of infinite possibilities, what is possible?” Niurka

Matakuaye Oyasin (All my relations)

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Vince Wishart,

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Advanced NLP/Life/Recovery Coach


"What continues to leave me in total awe of this man and his skills is his genuine humility and complete acceptance of others.
Because of this, Vince has the rare ability to see and nurture the best in everyone he meets. Vince continues to develop an even deeper understanding of how we are all connected to ourselves, each other, and ultimately, our Earth Mother.

Vince’s innate understanding of the inner greatness of humanity, the technical skills of NLP and hypnosis, as well as his amazing tattoo artistry have led to the creation of “Intentional Tattoos”. In this, I believe that Vince has rediscovered and improved the original purpose of tattoos – a deeply spiritual and life impacting process!

If you are wanting to heal, or you are looking for any coaching / counselling work, you owe it to yourself to connect with one of the most creative, compassionate humans that I know!"

Stephen Strube,
Master Practitioner of NLP – Society of NLP, Hypnotist, Coach
Founder of HeadSpring – Unwind your Potential.