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Transformative Arts & Therapy

Counselling    Courses    Retreats


Individuals & Relationships

Healing, Growth, & Joy

Psychotherapists &  Transformative Facilitators

Offering Sessions Online & In Person for individuals, couples, & groups
Offices located in Nelson BC, Canada

Rebecca Goutal, BFA, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Rebecca Goutal BFA, RTC

Vince Wishart RTC, NLP Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Vince Wishart RTC, NLP

Registered Therapeutic Counsellors

Counselling can help with anxiety, depression, relationship issues

We All Struggle Sometimes

We all have a natural creative drive to meet our needs

for intimacy, connection, purpose, and joy yet,

as the world is rapidly changing,

many of us are experiencing higher levels of stress.

Life can be hard sometimes.

If you've been struggling with issues such as

anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties,

or unresolved trauma,

You Don't Have to Do it Alone.

We're here to support you

on your Sacred Journey

Rebecca & Vince Counsellors in BC

Vince & Rebecca

Registered Therapeutic Counsellors

We're passionate


about helping people heal & grow through the
challenging and difficult times in life. 

We believe everyone has a purpose and deserves to

live fully ~ the gift of who you are.

We warmly welcome you to reach out to us for Counselling support, & join us in our Transformational Coaching Programs,

Courses, & Retreats.


We’ll support you to connect with your core Self & innate capacity to heal from past wounds, create post traumatic growth, and new empowering patterns within your self and your relationships.

Harmonizing powerful perspectives of Psychology, Neurobiology, 
Wisdom Traditions, & Transformative Arts, we draw from multiple modalities to offer integrative responses to meet your unique needs.


The journey is one of development toward a greater sense of 
Wholeness, Belonging, & Wisdom.
You can create clarity and healing at a deep level, 
increase your resilience, and enjoy savouring a greater experience of 
Nourishing Connection, Love, Intimacy, Joy, & Fulfillment 

Through the Seasons of Life.


We are devoted to our Vision for a world of Compassionate Interdependence.


Together, Let's Be the Change...

Relationships Rising with Purpose & Joy .jpg

Join us on the Journey!

Of Personal & Relationship Healing, Transformation,

Revitalization, Resilience, & Joy

Enjoy our free gift PDF

8 Secrets of Thriving Relationships

Receive Free Resources to help you on your personal healing path & find out about upcoming opportunities with us

Thank You & Blessings


Let's move beyond Surviving to 


Through the Seasons of Life!

We look forward to meeting you and walking beside you on your transformative journey!

We Welcome you to

Rebecca Goutal Relationship Counsellor
Vince Wishart Counsellor

Vince Wishart, NLP, RTC

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Rebecca Goutal BFA, RTC

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

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