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Revitalizing Relationships

Lovemedicine for Healing Intimate Connection

Awaken your natural capacity to 

Nourish, Repair, Revitalize, & Create Fulfilling Relationship with

Revitalizing Relationships Course

Evidence based knowledge & Practical skills

You can Create real Understanding, Connection, Compassion, Conflict Resolution, Healing, Loving Passion, Joy, & Fulfillment in Intimate Relationship.

The Quality of our Relationships Mirrors the Quality of our Lives

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Revitalizing Relationships Course.jpg

Revitalizing Relationships
Course Benefits

Stop getting stuck in:

Disempowering cycles of blame, conflict, distance, or disconnect
misunderstanding, hurt, disappointment, distrust, aloneness...

Discover the Joy of Creating Growing:

Understanding, Connection, Trust, Compassion, Love, Warmth, Nourishment, Emotional, Sensual & Sexual Intimacy, Romance, Passion, Pleasure, Play, Vitality, Health, Relationship Resilience & Fulfillment.

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Revitalizing Relationship Course Benefits

Practical in depth guidance, practices, tools & techniques you can count on

  • Develop strong foundations of trust & deeper intimacy​

  • Identify disempowering relationship cycles & shift toward healthy relationship patterns

  • Increase your ability to work through difficult relationship issues.

  • Deepen healthy bond of secure attachment & Increase Authentic Connection

  • Cultivate Relationship Resilience

  • Relate through Healthy Boundaries

  • Gain tools to handle upsets & triggers in a way that promotes healing & connection

  • Learn how to reduce reactivity & defensiveness in yourself & the other

  • Move beyond a sense of isolation, separation, or stuckness, build bridges & heal connection

  • Learn techniques to Revitalize Emotional, Sensual, & Sexual Intimacy

  • Increase Romance, Passion, Pleasure, & Play

  • Receive the joy & fulfillment of real connection & celebrate the beauty & richness of your Relationship

Revitalizing Relationships
Course Content

You can receive these evidence based, time tested teachings live, in person, and/or through access to video recordings, with teachings, experiential processes, practices, printable written material & worksheets.

We periodically offer our courses in the form of a retreat or in person course

and aspects of the course as a Masterclass or Introductory version.


Please fill out the form below to receive information on upcoming courses, retreats & in person offerings.

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Presented by

Rebecca Goutal & Vince Wishart

Psychotherapists & the Creators & Facilitators of

LoveAlive Transformative Arts & Therapy

Our passion for healing & self development stems from our personal journeys of transforming through pain & trauma, our deep concerns for the suffering in the world, and the joy of real communion with this Sacred Gift of Life.

This inspired us to devoted our lives to in depth study and practice of cutting edge, evidenced based Psychology, Somatics, Ancient Wisdom Traditions, Spirituality, and the Arts. 

Years ago, when we met, we were both so excited to find someone who shares this passion for healing, personal growth, creativity & community. We've been learning, growing, practicing, & creating together ever since.

Are you as excited as we are about

Nourishing, Healing, & Revitalizing your Relationship?

...About Living with Passion in Healthy Thriving Relationship?

Transforming Relationships

Yes! I am ready to transform & elevate

my experience of Intimate Relationship!

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Revitalizing Relationships!
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