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Autoimmune Conditions: The Difficulty & the Gifts

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Having an Autoimmune Condition can be difficult yet it can also be a catalyst for inner healing.

Being diagnosed & coming to terms with an Autoimmune Condition is a life transforming experience.

I know. I have an autoimmune condition myself.

There is a huge variety in how autoimmunity manifests.

Regardless of the details, it can be very painful and challenging.

Often this means shifts in your relationship with yourself, the autoimmune condition, people, and your life.

My experience with autoimmunity is that, although there are major elements of pain and challenge, how we show up in these relationships: with ourselves, the pain, the condition, the people, and life) can be the cause of suffering or the cause for profound growth, healing, and a greater experience of the richness & joy life has to offer.

I know that feeling and perpetuating a sense of aloneness can be part of the problem.

Often we don’t want to be a burden and we’re used to being strong and dealing with our struggles all on our own but we actually need other people, especially when life presents extra challenges.

The reality is: Prolonged loneliness has been scientifically linked with adverse health outcomes.

Our need for connection and drive for survival are deeply woven together.

Counselling can be a great way to break the cycle of aloneness and to receive support with your journey of living with an autoimmune condition so you can process what you're going through and open to the potential gifts of it.

Why not let your autoimmune condition catalyze personal growth, healing, and fulfillment?

I know from experience: it’s not easy but it’s definitely possible. One of the greatest potentials here is to develop your ability to open more deeply to self compassion, self care, & joyful connection.

I would be so deeply honored to support you on your journey.

Whether it’s through one on one sessions or joining together in our support circles, couples counselling to help you integrate this in your relationship, or all of the above,

I am so stoked to meet you, walk together with you, and support you on your healing journey through the sacred cycles of life.

Many Blessings,


4 Ways you can Support your Healing Journey through Autoimmunity


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