Spring into Revitalizing Love

Updated: Jun 5

Shake off the Survival Fears & Anxieties of Winter (and a long cold spring) & Revitalize your Love energy through applying the Wisdom of the Ancients

Spring is traditionally a time of new beginnings, fresh energy, love, romance & fertility. For thousands of years before industrialization, surviving the winter to see the signs of spring meant the renewed opportunity to continue living.

Through the ages, this inspired joy and celebration; the ritual shaking off of the survival trauma of winter, and infusing of fresh hopeful energy into the new cycle as seeds were planted and romance encouraged.

Though many of us feel this infusion of the fresh energy of Spring and seek to unite with it, the influences of today’s society have many of us experiencing high levels of survival stress year round, and even more so now, having lived through the last few years of so much social and economic upheaval; what some experts are calling a collective trauma.

Studies show that ongoing traumatic stress can have a weathering effect on our nervous system and can seriously impact our relationships, health, and wellbeing.

Impacts of Stress on Relationship

While we all continue to adapt as best we can, for many of us, the influence of compounding stress in our lives, has had some “snowball effects” and for many others, there is a sense of that weathering, wearing down of the nervous system that can impact personal & relational resilience.

When we’re worn down in this way, common relationship difficulties that might normally feel repairable can feel insurmountable. In fact, because stress and trauma are connected to the activation of our fight, flight, or freeze response, at these times we are seeing through the distorted lens of fear.

In these activated states, with multiple compounding stress factors, along with relationship distress, it can sometimes feel like our lives are crumbling. When our senses and relationships are being rocked by reactivity, the cycling pain of trauma-based defense patterns can be triggered - and this is all felt through our nervous system, registering as life or death situations - safety or danger.