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Resources for Resilience

ReSourcing Practices of Self Leadership, Somatic Awareness,

Self Regulation, Shifting States, & Inner Transformation

Welcome & Enjoy!

Self Regulating Practices to Calm & Soothe

the Nervous System

In this video Rebecca briefly introduces some key concepts and then leads a series of practices that will activate your parasympathetic nervous system, and help you down regulate from states of stress and anxiety to a more calm state in which your body will be able to rejuvinate and you will have more capacity for clear thinking, connection, creativity, and problem solving.

Qi Gong Breath Practice 

Breathing from your 3 Dan Tian

Qi gong is a traditional Chinese somatic healing & cultivation practice that is thousands of years old.

Learn the foundational practice of breathing with your 3 Dan Tian.  Expand your breath capacity & increase Qi flow gently, with somatic awareness. Through this meditative practice, Learn how to shift out of the thinking mind, & with the breath, connect with & find calm in your body.  Bring the the universe within into coherence.  

Enjoy the vitality, peace, & clarity!

Self Compassion Practice

In this video, Rebecca guides you in a Self Compassion Practice - A Key Re-Sourcing practice to help you shift states, bring healing to old wounds & their tensions in your body, and Transform limiting attitudes & beliefs about yourself. 

Transforming Limiting Beliefs Practice

In this video, Rebecca guides you in a Practice for Transforming Limiting Beliefs - A Key practice to help you bring healing to the beliefs connected to old wounds. This practice guides you in embracing and experiencing the deeper, more empowering Truths about you, supporting your capacity to live from your center, regardless of the situation you find yourself in - so you can be more capable of responding rather than reacting.

Tuning into Emotions Practice

In this video, Rebecca guides you in a Practice for Tuning into Emotions - A Key practice to help you learn to feel safe accessing your emotions and receive their vital messages and gifts. This practice supports you to move beyond barriers of disconnect from yourself and others and begin to become fluent in the language of emotions ~ the language connects us to everything. 

Wu Ji & Tai Ji - Ceremonial Opening to Qi Gong Practice Part 1

Join Rebecca & Vince in learning the first part of a Traditional opening to

Qi Gong practice.  
Through the ancient forms of Wu Ji & Tai Ji ~ Embark on the Sacred Journey of interactive Somatic Awareness & Healing, turning toward Coherence, Primordial Oneness, and the sense of unperturbed imminence from The Center of the Center.

The Salutation ~ San Dao Jing Li ~ Ceremonial Opening to Qi Gong Practice Part 2

Join Rebecca & Vince in learning the first part of a Traditional opening to Qi Gong practice. Through the ancient San Dao Jing Li ~ Salutation ~ Embark on the Sacred Journey of interactive Somatic, opening with coherence to sacred reunion through the three Dan Tian & Ten invitations. 

We are Creators.  We Create Consciously or Unconsciously & 
our Creations Ripple out to all Life.

Thank you for joining us on this Conscious Creation journey to bring more joy, Love & Connection into all our lives.

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We're excited about sharing these powerful teachings & practices with you

​because we know first hand how transformative they can be ~

when you really engage with them.

​Integrating the skills & techniques takes practice over time. 

As you continue to evolve in the practices, you will notice many positive changes.

Please be gentle with yourself as you walk on this Courageous path.

*You are always welcome to keep checking in here, as we will periodically be adding to this Resilience Resource Page.*

Perhaps you're feeling

curious & inspired to take your healing & growth

to the next level or feeling a need for support,

and expanded teachings & practices. 

This is why we've created our Courses.  

To find out more about our upcoming courses, like Empowering Communication where you'll learn the expanded teachings & practices of Conscious Hearted Communication) and our Therapeutic Coaching program, Eye of the Storm where we "walk hand in hand" with you through each of our Courses along with individual & group sessions for more personalized support: press this link:

We look forward to meeting you there!

Please feel welcome to email us with any questions or book a Free Consultation.
Many Blessings!
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