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Upcoming Courses & Events

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Together Creating Growth & Resilience through the Seasons of Life

March 2024

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Compass of Clarity

A Powerful Course for Unlocking Emotional Intelligence

to Navigate Your Life with Clarity, Grace, & joy

  • Master the Core Skills at the Heart of Effective Communication

  • Shift out of Reactivity, Defence, & Disempowering Patterns of Thought, Emotions, & Behaviour

  • Move beyond Stuckness & Develop tools for Healing, Re-Patterning, Growth, & Resilience

  • Strengthen your Confidence & Sense of Self

  • Strengthen your Foundations for Healthy Relationships

 March 12 - 28, 2024

A 6 part Course Live on Zoom -Tuesdays & Thursdays 

PLUS 2 Live Online Sessions for Practice and Q&A

Along with Exercises, Written Material PDF's, & Worksheets

Compass of Clarity
Please feel welcome to email us with any questions or book a Free Consultation.
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