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Rituals of Renewal 2024

Receiving Nourishing Energies & Inner Vision

Weaving the threads of Inspiration & Purpose

with Courageous Expression & Connection

through the Cycles & Seasons of Life.


We all know that repetition is one of the most powerful ways we learn and whatever we repeatedly think, feel, do, or say,

is what we become.

This can happen consciously or unconsciously.

Most of us are familiar with some of the habits that can erode the expression of our true self; ways that cause us to feel disconnected, on auto pilot, not really living how we'd like to be living, being caught up in stress or living a life of "have to's" and "shoulds".

This is unconscious creation that can be part of disempowering cycles.

Yet deep inside there is a longing to express and create from a place of authenticity and joy.

A Ritual of Renewal can help you to harness the power of Conscious Choice and Conscious Creation in your life.

A Ritual is something you repeat on a regular basis.  Some rituals are intentionally ceremonial, steeped in conscious intention and often tradition. Others rituals are closer to

habits of behaviour, like the process of brushing your teeth or getting ready for bed

A Ritual of Renewal can be any repeated practice that refreshes you and brings you into alignment with your true self & what you hold dear.

A Ritual can help you get a hold of the power of repetition.

It can help you create a container to check in with your deepest self, to find your inner compass, and make conscious choices about what you are becoming and creating through your life. It can renew your energies and help you to navigate from a place of your deepest values.

Because of how profoundly transformative we've found this to be, we've created an online offering dedicated to sharing resources to help you create your own Rituals of Renewal.

Our online offering called Rituals of Renewal is dedicated to helping people stay focused on their growth throughout the year by creating a "Ritual of Renewal" Ceremony at a regular time of your choosing (like each New Moon) where you can refresh your energy, reflect deeply to Clarify your inner Vision, tune in to where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go.

In this space, you can Attune and return home to yourself & Source,

revitalize yourself, Integrate, your experiences and consciously Adapt.

You can fan the inner flame of your inspiration.

In your Ritual of Renewal you can regularly nurture and be accountable to yourself and your commitment to your Vision; to consciously weave the threads of your Vision over time, the inner sense of your greatest possible experience and expression of Self in communion with Life, to consciously weave these sacred threads into existence with the great tapestry of Life.

Daily Rituals or practices can be key for growth, especially those that create inner coherence and practices that develop our capacities for consciousness, compassion, connection, communion, creativity, and solving the puzzles of life.

Yet for many of us, our intention to consistently practice these kinds of rituals can stick for a while and then, at some point we may lose touch with it or the practice we chose may not be addressing our needs the way we originally intended it to.

In today's fast paced world filled with many distractions and pressures, it's easy to feel off center and lose sight of our heart's truest expression, intentions, vision, mission, and sense of inner guidance and purpose.

Rituals of Renewal supports the continuity of growth in your life ~ that sense of living on purpose, living to your fullest that so many of us aspire to.

We welcome you to Click here to receive access to this lovingly crafted free gift from LoveAlive's Rebecca & Vince ~ where we share with you our formula for creating a Ritual of Renewal to suit your own needs, along with a selection of videos and PDF's we've created

~ with follow along practices and guided meditations to nourish your transformative journey.

To us: A Ritual of Renewal means creating a time of conscious intention that you commit to repeating regularly, refreshing your energies and re-aligning with your inner Vision

to create continuity of growth in your life.

This could be done around the new or full moon times, on certain days of the week, or times that are important culturally for you. Most traditional cultural rituals and ceremonies align with the cycles of life.

It helps to choose a cycle of time that is meaningful for you.

We like cycles of Nature like the moon, sun, and seasonal cycles because all that we depend on to be Alive is woven within these cycles, so there is a natural potency to working with them. This is what our ancestors did and, in a sense, ignoring the immense influence of the cycles of nature would be akin to ignoring our own bodies - strangely our technologized society often does both which is the source of much harm on our beloved planet.

Consciously aligning with the natural cycles of Life as a way to develop deeper communion, nourishment, support, and regular reminders to check in about what's important over time will bring continuity and coherence into your experience of life and what you are creating. When you make a commitment to regular Rituals of Renewal that you can count on, you have the opportunity to create continuity of growth.

You can cultivate your greatest expression of Self by regularly creating Sacred Space to Compassionately Attune and return home to yourself & Source,  Refresh & Nurture yourself, Reflect with Clarity, Re-align with Purpose & Vision, review intentions, Integrate, Adapt,

and Renew commitments, fed by the flame of inspiration.

We are Creators. We Create Consciously or Unconsciously &

our Creations Ripple out to all Life.

We've Created a Gift to help you Experience

the Greatest Expression of yourSelf!

or Express the Greatest Experience of Yourself! :D

with Rebecca & Vince

Rebecca & Vince are Registered Therapeutic Counsellors

& CoCreators of LoveAlive Transformative Arts & Therapy

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