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Transforming Through Triggers

Transforming Through Triggers

Powerful Keys for Expanding your Ability to:

  • Respond rather than React / Defend / Distance / Pretend

  • Turn upsets into a Gateway for Healing & Growth

  • Find Clarity to Communicate & Create Healthy Thriving Relationships

Videos & PDF's will become visible on September 5th, 2023

Video Coming Soon

In this video......

Video Coming Soon

In this video.....

Video Coming Soon

In this video .....

We are Creators. 

We Create Consciously or Unconsciously &
our Creations Ripple out to all Life.

We hope you've experienced some profound insights for inspiration & are beginning to work with the practices & tools we Created with care for you & your relationships.

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Perhaps you feel curious or inspired to take all of this to the next level

with deeper teachings, practices & support.   

To learn more Check out:


Compass of Clarity   &   Eye of the Storm

Integrating the skills & techniques from Transforming Through Triggers

takes practice over time.  As you continue to evolve in the practice you will find that what were once triggers & old wounds will soften & turn to compassionate wisdom.

So please be gentle with yourself as you walk on this Courageous path.

Compass of Clarity

September 21 - October 26, 2023   

A Pre Recorded 6 Week Course 

Recordings, Exercises, PDF's, & Worksheets

Core Skills for True Self Esteem, Inner Guidance, & Healthy Thriving Relationships

Initiating Mastery on the Path of Healing, Emotional Response-Ability, Growth, & Resilience

Powerful tools for developing Inner Clarity, Presence, & Real Connection with yourself & others

(Module 1 of Eye of the Storm)

Each Class Released on ​Thursdays

with 2 Live online Q&A / Practice sessions 

Saturday OCT. 7th & 28th        10:30 AM- 12:00 PM Pacific

Please feel welcome to email us with any questions or book a Free Consultation.
Many Blessings!
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