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4 Ways you can Support Transformation in your Relationships

Relationships are Everything.

They permeate every aspect of our Lives. Biologically, our universal human needs for connection & emotional attunement are deeply woven together with our drive to survive. That's why a sense of disconnect can be so painful and destructive.

The quality of our relationships greatly influences, perhaps determines, the quality of our life.


Healing Trauma &

Creating Resilience

4 Ways you can Support Healing &
your Capacity to Thrive

Trauma can impact every aspect of our lives,

including our ability to regulate emotions and stress, making it difficult to find clarity, to discern appropriate behaviour, speak up for ourselves, create attuned connection, and healthy boundaries.

Trauma causes disconnects with ourselves & others yet, as human’s one of our deepest instincts is for connection and when a safe, supportive space is created,

we can tap into our natural capacity to heal and, through neuroplasticity, create new patterns that support vitality, clarity, connection, intimacy, & joy.

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Journey of a Highly Sensitive Person

4 Ways you can Support your journey of empowerment as a highly sensitive person

Are you Highly Sensitive?

Have you ever been called "too sensitive"?
Did you know that science has found that there is a genetic trait for High Sensitivity?

In fact , 15 - 20% of people are Highly Sensitive.
The scientific term for it is: Sensory Processing Sensitivity.
Studies show that people with Sensory Processing Sensitivity tend to pick up on more of the nuances and subtitles of life & our brains process this more deeply.

We tend to have a rich inner life and experience emotions more vividly.


Autoimmune Conditions

4 Ways you can Support your Healing Journey through Autoimmunity

Having an Autoimmune Condition can be difficult yet it can also be a catalyst for inner Healing.


Being diagnosed & coming to terms with an Autoimmune Condition is a life transforming experience.  I know.  I have an autoimmune condition myself.

There is a huge variety in how autoimmunity manifests. Regardless of the details, it can be very painful & challenging.

Often this means shifts in your relationship with yourself, the autoimmune condition, people, & your life.

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Extraordinary Experience Integration

4 Ways you can Support your Journey of Integration

Extraordinary Experiences: Imbalance to integration


An Extraordinary Experience can throw you way out of balance but, also has the potential to expand and deepen your experience of life depending on how well you can integrate it.

Integration requires wisdom, temperance, reflection, relationship, & grounded presence balanced through body, mind, heart, & spirit, so the Experience can blossom into inner clarity in a meaningful & grounded way.

Extraordinary means Beyond the Ordinary.


Recovery from Addictions

4 Ways you can Support your Recovery from Addiction

Pain & Shame live underneath Addiction.

Addiction is desperation attempting to escape pain.  

Trauma is the hidden cause of addictions.  A traumatic event happens causing pain.  When that pain is not seen or heard by caring others, it turns to shame. IE: "I'm not worthy to be heard."  This leads to a strong belief that is carried on through one's life until the traumatic event is healed.

Our passion is to assist others to experience profound awakening & the Joy of true Love and Fulfillment.

We so look forward to meeting you and walking beside you on your transformative journey!

We Welcome you to


& Embrace support here

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Vince Wishart

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Rebecca Goutal

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Many Blessings

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