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Conscious Hearted Couples

Relationship Mentoring Program

A Therapeutic Mentoring Program for couples who are committed to healing, nurturing, and growth through Sacred Relationship, & want to thrive as a couple.

Supported & Guided by Rebecca & Vince 

within a 7 month Sacred Container

We invite you to join us on a powerful journey

of learning & growth !


Conscious Hearted Relationship Container 

With Rebecca & Vince

This is a sacred container created by Rebecca & Vince with and for you as a couple.

We will hold Sacred Space for your relationship and over 7 months

guide and support you both in an in depth healing & growth process.

A Sacred Container is...

An Intentional field or boundary formed through shared energetic agreement and a structure of practice in which to hold, nurture, and protect delicate transformational processes.

Creating Conscious Thriving Relationships requires an attitude of growth and compassionate curiosity for both your relationship with yourself and your relationship with your partner.

There is a powerful transformative quality when we hold sacred space together that supports healing of relational difficulties, trauma, old wounds, disempowering programs & patterns. 

As we work together therapeutically with Couples this capacity for supportive, authentic, intimate space can grow within the relationship, while developing relational & communication skills through education, practices, and experiential process.  It is a space of awakening and homecoming to your Divine nature & purpose.

We’ve become passionate about the beauty and power of this transformational relational space through our potent and enriching experience as a couple, applying these awarenesses and techniques within our own relationship, and experiencing the profound energy as the couples we work with transform their experience together. 


We feel blessed & honoured to pass this on and share the blessing with you.

This is for Couples

in which both people are ready to:

  • Commit to Creating Conscious Relationship

  • Cultivate an attitude & Energy of Compassionate Curiosity, Healing, & Growth

  • Courageously take personal responsibility for their part of the relationship

  • Learn how to hold sacred space with practices & skills that support healing of relational difficulties, trauma, old wounds, disempowering programs & patterns. 

  • Deepen their relationship with Self, individuality, & autonomy while deepening in connection with their partner / beloved.

  • Learn relationship & communication skills

  • Experience new levels of intimacy, connection, & Joy


Yes! I am excited to transform & elevate my Relationship!

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