Rituals of Renewal

Part 3 in a series to welcome the New Year. Part 1

A Ritual of Renewal gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself, to tune in and reflect on where you’ve been, where you are at, and where you want to grow; to nurture and be accountable to yourself; to consciously carry the threads of your Vision, the inner sense of your greatest possible experience and expression of Self in communion with Life, to consciously weave these sacred threads into existence with the great tapestry of Life.

A Ritual is something you repeat on a regular basis. Some rituals are intentionally ceremonial, steeped in conscious intention and often tradition. Others rituals are closer to

habits of behavior, like the process of brushing your teeth or getting ready for bed.

We all know that repetition is one of the powerful ways we learn and whatever we repeatedly think, feel, do, or say, is what we become.

Often daily Rituals or practices are key for growth, especially those that create inner coherence and practices that develop our capacities for consciousness, compassion, connection, communion, creativity, and solving the puzzles of life.

For many of us, our intention to consistently practice these kinds of rituals can stick for a while yet at some point we may lose touch with it or the practice we chose may not be addressing our needs the way we originally intended it to. It's easy to lose sight of goals.

Rituals of Renewal, can be helpful in supporting the continuity of growth that we aspire to with our goals and daily practice commitments.

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A Ritual of Renewal means creating a time of conscious intention that

you commit to repeating regularly through the larger cycles inside of a year to create continuity of growth in your life.

This could be done around the new or full moon times, on certain days of the week, or times that are important culturally for you. Most traditional cultural rituals and ceremonies align with the cycles of life. It's helps choose a cycle of time that is meaningful for you.

We like cycles of Nature like the moon, sun, and seasonal cycles because all that we depend on to be Alive is woven within these cycles, so there is a natural potency to working with them. When you make a commitment to regular Rituals of Renewal that you can count on, you have the opportunity to create continuity of growth.

You can cultivate your greatest expression of Self by regularly creating Sacred Space to Compassionately return home to yourself, Reflect with Clarity, re-Attune to Purpose & Vision, review intentions, Refresh & Nurture yourself, Integrate, Adapt, and Renew commitments.

We are Creators. We Create Consciously or Unconsciously &

our Creations Ripple out to all Life.