Reflections From Spring Equinox 2022

Receiving the Blessings of Balance, Fertility, & the Hope of New Beginnings: Beyond Anxiety & into Transformation

Spring Equinox Sings

As Spring begins to sing a symphony of heavenly voices from our winged friends, delicate new colors, illuminated by lush misty rains, and growing light emerge. I listen to the call of my heart to surrender my “to do’s” and pay attention to the awe inspiring gifts unfolding around me; tiny hints of little red buds on trees, here in one moment and growing so fast that they’ll be full blossoms in what seems like a blink of an eye.

Spring Equinox: Balance, Fertility, & the Hope of New Beginnings

When the Darkness of the night is Equally Balanced with the Light of the Day;

And we can feel the culmination of the friction between these polarities… Action & Receptivity… Darkness & Light, as they’ve danced… An extended moment of Mystery & Magic… Where we can hang in the Balance and Feel

A cleansing exhilarating wind

A pregnant pause before the Mystery of new life bursts forth…

…And as the Light grows, there will be a surge of vital energy causing plants to grow and animals to mate.

As our ancestors have done in all parts of the world for thousands of years, we greet the growing light of the Sun, offer our gratitude and receive. Standing rooted in our beloved Earth Mother with open arms, we breath in the Sun’s golden radiant warmth, revealing our open hearts, beating with Awe and Gratitude for this Wondrous gift of life.

As every cell of the world receives the generative gift of Grandfather Sun the whole world awakens into being, bringing Newness in every moment.

Without him we would not have life.

Each stage of every tree and plant is so precious, beautiful, and nourishing to behold.