Living with Purpose in 2022 New Year

Updated: Feb 6

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Finding Clarity through the Cycles of Life

How do we find Clarity & maintain Continuity with our intentions, commitments, and personal growth, even through the challenges of life?

Natural Impulses toward Growth

Many of us have started this new Solar Cycle, the New Year with intentions in some form, perhaps with a vision, resolutions, goals, hopes, wishes, or prayers. All of these have value because they represent a calling from our innermost to create, to meet needs, to commune, to bless, to bring something wonderful to Life. The impulse toward this is so important because, as we move more deeply into heart centered clarity, our intentions become more deeply aligned with our soul’s purpose, and ultimately can draw us deeper into wholeness. This is beneficial for each of us as individuals and for all humanity. When one person connects to and lives their purpose, everyone benefits as we move deeper into wholeness and communion with all life.

Tossed by the Waves

So, many of us create intentions and resolutions and, inevitably, as the days pass, challenges arise in life. Sometimes we navigate this, galloping along on Purpose. Yet, for many of us, we sometimes find ourselves swept away by the concerns of our everyday lives, stress, and unforeseen difficulties, especially in today’s society of collective trauma and ever shifting sands, uncertainty can often lead to a sense of instability. Trauma and compounding stress reduce our resilience and ability to feel connected, respond, adapt, and maintain a sense of continuity of focus in our lives. Many of us are habituated to go-go-go mode (the mode encouraged by western society). It’s not uncommon to find our attention diverted to problems, “putting out fires” or getting sucked into distractions that temporarily ease the sense of stress (or make it worse).

We need to find our eye / I in the storm, find our center, and be guided from within.

Yet, instead sometimes, before you know it, the intention that once seemed so close to your heart can feel distant, perhaps unreachable, sometimes even shrouded by busyness, doubts, fears, and the guilt and shame that often come along with losing track of our intentions.

Perhaps you’ve already bumped up against some form of this in 2022.

Yet, it’s so important that we don’t give up!

Beyond disillusion toward the Continuity of Renewal

No matter where you find yourself, whether you've been galloping along, you just fell off your horse, you’ve been wandering lost in a murky bog, or torment has become your companion ~ at any point you can choose compassion for yourself, and make a choice to give yourself the nurturing you need to find your Clarity, Connection, and Creativity to

review and Renew your intentions & commitments.

We often have the sense that we need to “get back on track” …at some point

but, sometimes a part of us resists and prolongs the process and we can feel disconnected from our original vision and intention, as though we don’t deserve to experience our highest expression, to live with Purpose in alignment with our greatest intent.

But, instead of allowing the inner critic, judgement, or doubts to take you down, why not find the humor in your humanity, give yourself a break, brush yourself off, and return home to yourself, your inner awareness and vision with kindness?

Doubts and fears can become giant oppressive storm clouds or they can become invitations into deeper Communion with Self and Source;

an invitation to transcend and receive Love from Source.

Doubts and fears can be an invitation to Pause, fill our cup of Love, and give appreciation and nurturance to ourselves, loved ones, and the world. This way, we feed the Divine in a cycle of reciprocity that expands joy and strength for all.

Let’s reframe doubts and fears as an invitation to Love, Compassion, Communion, and Clarity.

Power of the Pause

Often, in today’s western society, we are so driven toward accomplishment and “getting things done,” it can be difficult to pause, come to presence and create calm clarity and heart connected reflection. Yet, a powerful teaching of the great masters is that it is better to be still and not take action at all than to take action from a state of reactivity, disconnect, control, confusion, disempowerment. Action from these kinds of fear based states is likely to create more of the same rather than to elevate your experience of life and those around you.

Compassion is a Gateway to Clarity.

Choosing Compassion and Kindness toward ourselves opens the doorway to resource calm, clarity, healing, transformation, and growth. If Self Compassion is new or difficult for you, one way to practice it is to remember a time you felt Love and Compassion toward someone. Feel and Appreciate this miraculous energy that is connected to the Source of all Life. Breath into it and feel the energy of it. Now that you’re connected, receive that Compassion deeply. You can even place your hands on your body where you feel tension or pain and bathe yourself in this life-giving healing energy of Love.

Through Compassion we can embrace ourselves, sooth the built up tensions, awaken our hearts, and connect deeply ~ body, mind, heart, and spirit ~ connecting with all Life. This place of heart and presence is where the light of our Consciousness and Clarity can be fully illuminated and we have access to our deepest callings and sense of purpose.

This kind of Clarity is key for creating intentions, goals and commitments we can stick to.

Many of us create our intentions and goals based on what we think we need to do to survive or get what we need or want. But, when we make our intentions and commitments based on a calling or sense of purpose from deep within, we guide ourselves into greater fulfillment and our greatest expression of Self that the world so poignantly needs.

We are in the midst of a collective transformation moment. We are being called into healing our trauma, connecting with our inner resources, and awakening to who we truly are.

Through Compassion & this sense of returning home to

ourselves, we can reflect with Clarity, awaken to purpose & vision, review our intentions, adapt, and Renew our Commitments.

This can provide greater continuity of Self Leadership as we continue on the journey of Life.

We call this Rituals of Renewal & Resilience.

New Years moments are not the only opportunities we have to re-seed growth; to reconnect, find Clarity, Vision, and review & renew our commitments. The cycles of the moon and sun offer us powerful rhythms for this, many cultural holidays reflect this, and every moment provides new opportunities!

We're feeling a heart call to share some powerful tools to support you in this potent time of Healing and Transformation!

To learn more, please stay tuned for next Blog in which we’ll be offering you some

powerful Free Resources to support you on your journey as 2022 continues to unfold.

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