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Healing Trauma & Creating Resilience

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Trauma can impact every aspect of our lives, including our ability to regulate emotions and stress, making it difficult to find clarity, to discern appropriate behavior, speak up for ourselves, create attuned connection, and healthy boundaries.

Trauma causes disconnects with ourselves & others yet, as human’s one of our deepest instincts is for connection and when a safe, supportive space is created, we can tap into our natural capacity to heal and, through neuroplasticity, create new patterns that support vitality, clarity, connection, intimacy, & joy. Trauma can be caused by all forms of violence, including physical, sexual, racial, and cultural. It can also be caused by a series of stressful events or ongoing distressing life circumstances such as, family break ups, loss of loved ones, chronic illness, invasive medical procedures, major life transitions, car accidents and more. Trauma comes from a loss of sense of safety. So, anything we perceive as life threatening can potentially be traumatic. For humans, lack of connection & attunement is actually interpreted biologically as a threat to our survival and this can be particularly traumatizing for a child. Many of us live with unrecognized childhood trauma that comes from a lack of emotionally attuned connection which we need in order to feel safe, valued, loved, and for healthy development. This is often the most unidentified & unacknowledged kind of trauma yet it’s impacts can be devastating.

Sometimes we just think of Trauma as "old wounds".

The symptoms of trauma can make you feel trapped, contracted in a protective stance, hypervigilant, disconnected, confused, alone, and ashamed but, a fulfilling life is possible.

Just as your brain and nervous system adapted to survive the trauma you went through, you also have the ability to heal and develop resilience. Resilience is our ability to adapt & capacity to recover from life's adversities.

You can receive the support you need to Heal and Create a Thriving Life through Individual Counselling & Support Circles. Having experience in the process of healing our own trauma, we are dedicated to Creating Safe, Deeply Supportive environments where you can experience empathy, compassion, & connection along with evidence based therapy to support your Natural Capacity to Heal & Thrive. 4 Ways to Support Healing & your Capacity to Thrive:


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