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Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

Updated: Feb 11

Are you Highly Sensitive?

Have you ever been called "too sensitive"?

Did you know that science has found that there is a genetic trait for High Sensitivity?

In fact, 15 - 20% of people are Highly Sensitive.

The scientific term for it is: Sensory Processing Sensitivity

Studies show that people with Sensory Processing Sensitivity tend to pick up on more of the nuances and subtitles of life and our brains process this more deeply.

We tend to have a rich inner life and experience emotions more vividly.

We also have more active mirror neurons which means we can feel other peoples’ feelings more intensely.

In addition we have more highly activated amygdala's, the part of our brain responsible for the "fight or flight response."

No wonder we can easily feel overwhelmed! But, it’s important to realize that this trait

is a gift and can have some wonderful advantages. After all, sensitivity is an important aspect of awareness and awareness is key to empathy, compassion, healing, growth, and creativity.

What if you could be supported in your sensitivity and receive specific tools to

help you feel less overwhelmed and

more resourced

so you can take pleasure in your gifts, cultivate them, and

share them with the world?

Have you noticed I've been saying: “we"?

Yes, I, Rebecca, am a Highly Sensitive Person.

When I found out that there was an actual genetic trait that explained my uniquely sensitive experience of life, it was life changing.

I felt that my unique experience of life made more sense, I felt less alone, and more conscious of how to care for myself so that I can be balanced and thrive.

Are you curious if you have the trait?

Elaine Aron one of the main researchers of HSP created a test to help you find out.

Would you feel extra supported receiving Counselling from someone who is also

Highly Sensitive?

I love supporting Highly Sensitive People

(and everyone else too:)!

I’m so excited to meet each and every one of you, support you on your path, & share the amazing tools I’ve been learning that can help HSP’s Thrive!

3 Ways you can Support your Journey of Empowerment as a Highly Sensitive Person:


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