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Rituals of Renewal

Tools to help you step into your Greatness:

Congratulations for taking a step toward the realization of your Greatness! 

In this time of new beginnings, we conjure up our goals, and sit in the stillness of dreams, to be able to plant the seeds that will sprout in the spring.  Now is the time to find the stillness between the breaths where all eternity exists, and create our brightest tomorrows from a highly empowered, and charged state.  Here we combine the ancient ways of rituals, somatics, & wisdom tradition with the modern day brain science of neuroplasticity & Neurolinguistic Programming to offer you tools to create your own unique

Rituals of Renewal to support your continuity of wellbeing & growth through the year.

Be ready to embrace a wondrous relationship with the person in the mirror who is your beloved.

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We invite you to download these PDF's & Review the Concept & Process of

Rituals of Renewal along with the practices.  Combine these PDF & video resources to create your own unique Rituals of Renewal.

Inner Clarity Meditation & Qi Gong Breath Practice

In this video we journey to a place of groundedness, clearing out what stands in our way, letting go of our stuff, developing presence in the moment, connecting to the divine light, filling up our energy centres, to be free to allow all the giftedness in to experience the highest expression of ourselves. 

Learn how to breath into the 3 Dan Tien.  This thousands of years old,

traditional Qi gong practice has been the base of the Qi gong teachings. 

Through this meditative practice, Learn how to shift out of the thinking mind, & with the breath, connect with your body, & bring the the universe within into coherence.

Enjoy the vitality & clarity!

Envision your Greatest Self

Travel the infinite cosmos within and receive wisdom keys from your fully realized Self through the Quantum Field.

You-Niverse Meditation

Climb the highest mountain of the land, Declare your awesomeness, Embody the You-Niverse, and real-eyes your immense vision of yourself, realized in the now.

Celebration Party Meditation

All your efforts have finally paid off.  You and all your supporters have a celebration party of the highest order. This is your moment to fully embrace every part of you as successful in the materialization of your dreams and goals.  You deserve it all the immense fulfillment and joy.  This is your time to shine,  Shine on you crazy diamond!

We are Creators. 

We Create Consciously or Unconsciously &
our Creations Ripple out to all Life.

We hope you found value in this special Gift we Created for you, to support your healing and growth through whatever challenges you might be facing in this collective time of transformation.  

You deserve to experience joy and fulfillment as you live

your Greatest Expression of yourSelf.   The world needs you!  

Wev'e created some very special introductory offerings so the support your heart may be calling out for can be extra accessible to you.

We look forward to connecting with you!

When you press the "I'm Ready!" button, you'll be able to read a short description, scroll down, & pay for your sessions. 


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Press the download and you will receive a PDF with a link to our booking page where you can book your sessions.


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Please feel welcome to email us with any questions or book a Free Consultation.
Many Blessings!
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