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Conscious Hearted Couples

Relationship Mentoring Program

A Therapeutic Mentoring Program for couples who are committed to healing, nurturing, and growth through Sacred Relationship, & want to thrive as a couple.

Supported & Guided by Rebecca & Vince 

within a 7 month Sacred Container


This is a sacred container created by Rebecca & Vince with and for you as a couple.

We will hold Sacred Space for your relationship and over 7 months

guide support you both in an in depth healing & growth journey.

We offer you:

  • A 7 month Conscious Relationship Container of support held by Rebecca & Vince

  • An opening & closing ceremony

  • 90 minute Couples sessions twice per month

  • 60 minute Individual sessions twice per month (1 for each individual) (with either Rebecca or Vince)

  • Email support between sessions (Mon-Fri) from both Rebecca & Vince

  • 25 %off any of our current course offerings

 You offer us:

$8,500 CAD Total

or 6 Payments of $1500./ month

or 8 Payments of $1070./ month

We so look forward to connecting with you & supporting you

in the growth of your Sacred Relationship!


Feeling called and are curious?

We invite you to (both) read the description, fill out the form below

& book a free discovery call with us where we can tune in together,

feel into what's possible, & whether this will be a good fit.


Yes! I am excited to transform & elevate my Relationship!

Couples Conscious Relationship Container Discovery Call

Thanks for registering!

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